FASHION MOVE - Gold now is more contemporary than ever before. Gold has never been so chic and stylish the way it has been promoted, seen, interpreted and projected in last couple of years. Thanks to the Designers such as Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla and Tarun Tahiliani for reinforcing and retaining people’s interest for luxury and celebration intheir everyday mundane lives.“Gold-o-mania”-the trend that emphasized upon the usage of gold to showcase luxury and style came into existence way back in 1920’s.

The trend was introduced to the world by the legendary Designer “Chanel” through the usage of gold chains and trimmings in the products: clothes, bags, accessories and footwear and by pairing chunky gold accessories with basic tees. The look was received so well by the world that it went on to attain a status of a “classic”.Towards the end of 20th Century during nineties design world was taken over by the sense of minimalism. During this period flashy and loud trimmings saw a reduction in their popularity. But again in the beginning of 21st century Roberto Cavalli reiterated on the need of celebrated lifestyle and the need for luxury, glamour and opulence.For us as Indians Gold as a metal, product, colour, texture and finish has always been a hallmark of style and grandeur. India’s love for gold is evident through people’s mindset and lifestyle. The traces can be seen in each and every element of modern and traditional India, whether it is a piece of jewellery, or a Zari work on saris, or gold foiling on Tanjore paintings, or the usage of the precious metal in its monuments.

Interpretation of gold as a metal and gold as color and finish has taken a different significance from time to time. It has been a symbol of security, pride, grandeur and status. In the last couple of years it has more been a symbolic of chic modernism, attitude and celebration. Since 2005 Gold is present everywhere in the fashion world whether national or international. The trend has been accepted so well across the globe that it seems as if it will regain the status of a classic very similar to its origin in the early 20th century. It is a must have color and finish in one’s wardrobe and being neutral in nature can be combined with anything and everything. The degree of its usage determines the look as evening, casual, trendy, loud, experimental, chic, urban and classic.

Antidote Glow - After several long winter months of having my legs tucked away under tights, the first warm days of Spring are appearing and I'm excited to test out a new self-tanning product that will, hopefully, make my ghastly white pins socially acceptable again. The product in question is Summer Glow by Antidote; and the promises it makes are nothing really new. No bad smells? I've heard that a million times before. But the first thing I can tell you about Antidote's fake tan is that, true to its word, it doesn't smell bad. In fact, it actually smells rather good.

LipFresh by Angelique - Guests at High Fashion, High Tea were lucky enough to be some of the first to experience byAngelique LipFresh, which has only just hit the market with it's mint-infused formula. But they weren't the only ones: the lips of models backstage were kept lush and picture-perfect with lashings of LipFresh. Feedback from both the guests and the models has been so good.

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